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Climate change, environmental problems and the risk of collapse of the natural structures of the planet are the basis of linear economics.

Implementation of projects that generate a green and circular economy at the root, adding value based on the use of waste and combating climate change, is our goal.

We support our Clients by providing integrated solutions to balance the needs and expectations of stakeholders with respect to the environmental, social and economic performance of organizations.

Casos Singulares focuses on the activities, products and / or services of organizations in the management, operationalization and communication of sustainability, developing and implementing projects that:

  • Identify opportunities to improve the organization’s sustainable performance;
  • Improve environmental performance;
  • Increase credibility with public opinion;
  • Promote greater transparency between stakeholders;
  • Enable greater knowledge of legal compliance.

Because solving problems is our mission, we love custom solutions.


  • Life Cycle;
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint and / or water footprint;
  • Ecodesign;
  • Preparation of sustainability reports;
  • Sustainability strategies;
  • Social responsibility reporting;
  • Treatment of performance indicators.

We help organizations ensure they and their partners have efficient processes and systems that meet stakeholders’ requirements related to quality, health and safety, environmental management, corporate social responsibility and other areas of sustainable development.


When purpose exists, it also becomes the reason why people believe that transformation is possible.

It is our purpose to completely change the way a company develops products / services, of communicating and marketing and consequently of relating to their clients.<

Because we look at customers with a purpose, we look beyond financial results. A purposeful company gives up its profit so as not to let go of its convictions. A purposeful company identifies and builds opportunities. A purposeful company errs, but recognizes and corrects its mistakes. A business with purpose believes that the market is made up of people. A purposeful company reinforces commitments and achieves successes involving people.

Casos Singulares

We focus on making the most of existing conditions, in a specialized and innovative way, in order to expand the business of each company. In this sense, we can say that our success always depends on the success of our clients. And it is for them that we work every day.


We provide a broad set of consulting services, helping organizations overcome the most complex challenges related to the organization’s creation, expansion, transformation and reinvention, making it more efficient. With a team dedicated to you, your satisfaction is our best reward.

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People are the most important and valuable asset of any organization. We support your company in this mission.

Our mission is to support business managers in finding solutions for their growth and team growth. We create solutions adapted to your needs.

We bring deep and functional knowledge, we seek to adopt creative solutions in the training and personal development of human resources.

We support your company in the evaluation of human resources.



Casos Singulares focuses its operation in the center of Lisbon. Wherever your business is we are with you, because we focus on INNOVATIVE IDEASSTRATEGIC PROJECTS and UNIQUE RESULTS.