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Collection and use of personal data

Casos Singulares does not collect personal data from visitors of this site.

Collection and use of technical information

Only technical information regarding visits to this site is registered on our network server. No information is collected that can be used to identify visitors to the site. The registered technical information is limited to the following items:
• The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the visitor;
• The Internet browser and the operating system used by the site visitor ;
• The date and time of the consultation;
• Pages visited on the site and downloaded documents.

The technical information will be used only for statistical purposes.

Legal Information

Terms & Conditions

CS is the brand under which Casos Singulares, Lda. operates.

Any other names mentioned on this website are trademarks of third parties, registered or not, and their property, which are mentioned for information purposes only.
The information contained in this site is provided by Casos Singulares Lda., and some of its contents may have been provided with the purpose of providing generic information on certain subjects, not constituting an exhaustive treatment thereof.
Consequently, the information contained herein does not constitute, in any way, any type of service rendering in the area of tax consultancy, consultancy or any other professional service. Accordingly, before making any decision or taking any action or omission that may affect your business or your assets, users should seek professional advice.

Disclaiming Policy

This website aims to provide general information about Casos Singulares, Lda. and its activity. No content on this website can be considered as a means to establish relationships of a professional nature or to provide services of any nature.

Users of this website should not use or disclose the information contained therein without first consulting Casos Singulares, Lda.

Casos Singulares, Lda. can not be liable to any users of this website for any damages arising from the use or disclosure of the information contained therein.

This website contains links to other websites. These links are only available for the convenience of the users of this website. Casos Singulares, Lda. is not responsible for the contents of any websites or blogs whose links are made available on this website.