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The Casos Singulares, established in 2007, has a team of proactive and cohesive multidisciplinary professionals with an average of over 20 years of experience in management and consulting. Our goal is to be partners in the various aspects of the management of your business.


In how we put our stamp on each project and execute them.

Manifested through the pro-activity and the behaviors and attitudes

Of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

With the purpose of creating value in the different areas in which we operate.

In order to overcome the increasingly demanding challenges


Because we want tailor-made solutions, we put ourselves in the place of our Clients whenever we make a decision.

We listen to our Clients and propose effective solutions in a simple and transparent way.

We surprise our Clients, anticipating their needs.

We commit ourselves to create an environment of professional and personal development by encouraging people to translate their skills, creativity and experience into value creation.

We combine ethical conduct and professional rigor with enthusiasm and initiative, valuing teamwork.

We believe that balancing personal and professional lives is critical to success.

We assume the social and environmental responsibilities that result from our performance, based on values ​​of equality,  sharing and contributing to the development of the communities with which we interact.

We actively promote the green circular economy, aiming to improve the quality of life of current and future generations.


The Casos Singulares has been developing projects in several sectors of economic activity. The accumulated knowledge and experience contributes to the creation of value in our clients.

  • Trade and services
  • Tourism and Hotel industry
  • Fuel distribution
  • Funerary
  • Transport and logistics
  • Real estate


In Casos Singulares, the principles of sustainable growth and the integration of social and environmental concerns into our operations and management strategies are part of our culture. These are principles that guarantee the viability and success of our organization in the long term, as well as the communities where we operate. For this reason, Singular Cases has embraced a set of causes and initiatives with the aim of promoting good practices of social responsibility, based on values such as equality, sharing and the passion for knowledge and mutual aid. Only in this way is it possible to create value, building a sustainable future for all.

Corporate Finance - Casos Singulares Serviços


We provide a broad set of consulting services, helping organizations overcome the most complex challenges related to the organization’s creation, expansion, transformation and reinvention, making it more efficient. With a team dedicated to you, your satisfaction is our best reward.



People are the most important and valuable asset of any organization. We support your company in this mission.

Our mission is to support business managers in finding solutions for their growth and team growth. We create solutions adapted to your needs.

We bring deep and functional knowledge, we seek to adopt creative solutions in the training and personal development of human resources.

We support your company in the evaluation of human resources.

Capital Humano - Casos Singulares Serviços
Sustentabilidade e Responsabilidade Social - Casos Singulares Serviços


We believe that all organizations should be based on the premise of creating shared value, that is, generating value for the business and for the community.

We believe that management organizations should be based on the premise of creating shared value, that is, generating value for the business and for the community.

We support your business in achieving and improving sustainable performance.